Sunday, April 10, 2016

How many synonyms can you think of for meat log?



On Thursday we went and bought the rest of our supplies: meals, toiletries and clothing. We portioned meals out, re-portioned, calculated what we would actually need before the first resupply in Mt Laguna. Our excitement building as we held up snacks we could put together to make full meals. "I can't wait to slather peanut butter in our tortillas and sprinkle some granola!" "And banana chips!" "We could cut up some of this summer sausage and add it to our ramen..." Both of us weary of the refrigerate after opening labeling, but after much discussion of the limited selection of meat logs on the trail, were unable to resist. We packed our bags, hoisted them onto our backs. Mine being top heavy and almost causing me to fall headfirst onto the marble flooring. I set it down, repacked, thinking instead about the different times of day I would use certain items, how easy it would be to get to them and whether my pack was going to fling me one way or the other with my flawless weight distributing skills. I watched as Melissa put her clothing inside the bag, her arm acting as a pile driver, pushing the clothes deeper in, trying to fit all of her gear in the smaller, more comfortable one of her two bags. While mine sat on my back like a hulking second person, her bag peeked over her shoulder meekly, why, yes I'll just be tagging along, it seemed to be saying.