Friday, January 15, 2016

My Darling, My Pet

And it is done. I got so excited that I packed my bag with all the gear I had so far and right now, halfway packed, I'm terrified of carrying that hulking thing over 2000 miles. What the hell am I thinking? Since I've gotten the bag, I tend to try it on every day, carrying it around the house as I do my daily chores. If I walk outside with it to let the dogs out, that's usually when the neighbors decide to come out of their homes, do a double take of the large red monster on my back. I smile, wave and scurry back inside, chuckle at the rumors our household must provoke. 
I have my clothes and gear. What I seem to be missing is the most important items. Food and money. Right now, I have two jobs trying to bring in as much as possible, but it seems the more jobs I have, the less money I'm making. So, I suppose after these next couple of months, I'll continue to work as much as possible and hoard. I've started looking at writing competitions, fiction and poetry that give out cash prizes. Not only would that be amazing to start publishing my work, It would also help out my trip savings account.